Event of the “Samia” Choir of the Philotechnic Club of Samos

— Kontakeika




The choir of the Samos Literary Group "SAMIA" was created in March 2018.

Its goal is to contribute to the cultural development of Samos through group musical expression. This effort evolves year by year and the choir develops strong bonds between its members but mainly with the world.


  1. Songs from the work of Mikis Theodorakis Axion Esti (October 2018 - City Hall of the Municipality of Eastern Samos)2. Concert with the theme: "Bring me the Sea to sing it" (June 2019- Αmphitheater  GEL Samos) (August 2019 - Agathonisi)3. Appearance of "Company" in action of F.OS. for the national anniversary of October 28, 1940 with the theme: "The rebetiko song for the epic of '40" (October 2019 - Samos City Hall)4. Participation in an action of the Labor Center of Samos (November 2019 - Amphitheater of the Regional Unit of Samos)5. Concert for the 50 Years of the Samos Philotechnic Club (December 2019 - Samos Amphitheater)